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Coins Boston

coins boston

For collectors, it has always been a challenge to source authentic coins in Boston given that counterfeit ones have penetrated the market. Instead of having a piece of history in your possession, you can end up wasting money if you acquire fake coins in Boston. Imitation coins may look exactly like the real ones; so, it is important to have sufficient knowledge about how to get real coins in Boston from various sources.

Where to Buy Authentic Coins in Boston?

Knowledge is your best tool against fake items. With a lot of places offering coins in Boston, it can be hard to find and to discern which are real. Although there are always risks of being unsuccessful, you got to know how to find authentic ones wherever you buy. Follow the steps below to increase your chance of buying legitimate coins in Boston from these specific places:

Find Authentic Coins in Boston at Coin Shows

Annually, local and international coin shows and conventions are held across the country. If you are a starting collector of coins in Boston, these events are your opportunities to connect with seasoned collectors who are immersed and educated about numismatics. Seek their help so you can recognize fake coins in Boston.

If you have discovered that you bought a fake item, you can file a complaint to the organizers. They can take the necessary actions to deal with the seller.

You Can Buy Real Coins in Boston at eBay

eBay is the quick shop for common coins of starting collectors. You can choose from a wide range of coins from Boston vendors that cost less than $1,000. Most of the coins from Boston online sellers sold here are authentic. To avoid purchasing counterfeits, read feedback, scrutinize the photos, and ask for a guarantee from the supplier.

Auction Houses Offer Graded Coins in Boston

The best place where you can buy authentic coins in Boston is an auction house. Prior to being auctioned, coins in Boston have been graded by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation or the Professional Coin Grading Service. These two are trusted groups when it comes to identifying real coins. Before buying, make sure the item has been certified by these organizations.

The rarest coins in Boston can also be found in auction houses. Although mostly expensive, those bought from these institutions are surely legitimate.

Visit Local Shops for Genuine Coins in Boston

An area’s local antique stores are the most accessible places where you can find coins in Boston. Before going to any one of them, check online reviews about them. Know whether these shops are known for selling real items.

Bring along a long-time collector of coins who can guide you in buying. You can hold a salesperson accountable in case you find out that the coins in Boston they sold you are replicas.

Legitimate Coins in Boston Are Sold Over Social Media Platforms

Some collectors risk using social media to search authentic coins in Boston. If you want to try your luck and use these platforms, do it with caution. Inspect the reputation of the online seller of coins in Boston by going over their comment threads. Verify the information they’re posting about the coins in Boston through desk research. Posting false information about their wares is a red flag.

Find Authentic Coins in Boston at Kaminski Auctions

If you want authentic coins in Boston, check the items we showcase at Kaminski Auctions. We have been serving the New England market for more than 30 years; so you can be certain we have been taking measures to ensure we offer only legitimate pieces. Turn to us for a wide selection of coins in Boston and other valuable items. We also have appraisal services in case you want to estimate the value of coins.

We aim to help you enjoy your hobby. Get in touch with us if you want to get started with collecting.

Helping Interested Individuals Find Quality Pieces

Many people love having items with a lot of history at home. Some want to have certain pieces made by their favorite artists to adorn their living spaces. Others aim to complete their collection of antiques from other cultures or eras. Also, historians and architectural or interior design researchers are constantly on the hunt for elusive things that are relevant to their work.

An auction house is one of the best places to go to if you’re a serious collector with an eye for rare items. There are reputable establishments that you can head to if you want to fill your home or office with hard-to-find art, furniture, and more decorative furnishings. If you’re looking to sell your vintage possessions, you can also have them consigned at their company.

A Full-Service Auction House

Kaminski Auctions has been in the industry for more than 30 years. Our team offers a wide range of services that involve auctioning and appraisal of fine art, antiques, and others. We have three live bidding platforms that provide our customers with international exposure for their items.

We also have bicoastal coverage as we have offices in Beverly, Massachusetts; West Palm Beach, Florida; and Beverly Hills and San Diego, California. This allows us to reach more people and deliver the quality assistance they are looking for from our team, no matter if they’re in the East or West. We also have specialty departments for decorative art, books, ephemera, wines and spirits, vintage couture, and more.

Who and What We Work With

Our staff has worked with many people for more than three decades, so we know how to adjust depending on your unique circumstances. Our clientele includes various institutions, historical societies, private individuals, and even other businesses. We have also partnered with companies who need to clear out their inventory through auctions. Get in touch with us if you need more details about the following:

Accurate Appraisals for Your Antiques

If you want to put your collections up for bidding, it’s best to know how much they should go for so you can set an advantageous starting price. Our highly trained and knowledgeable appraisers can accommodate you. We have free sessions every Tuesday at our Beverly office. Appointments are available at our West Palm Beach, Beverly Hills, and San Diego sites.

If you can’t drop by our locations for a consultation due to a busy schedule, don’t worry as we accept emailed photos of your antiques. Our staff will help you determine the true value of what you have even if you’re in the comfort of your home. We will ensure that every correspondence with you is always timely and our responses are clear and useful.

Celebrity Auctions and Events for a Cause

If you’ve ever wanted to have a kitchen equipped with items used by celebrity chefs or a room with high-end furnishings, you can keep tabs on our upcoming auctions. We’ve sold off items from Oprah, Martha Stewart, and other stars. Hotel owners have also partnered with us to help them let go of their antiques and furniture at great prices.

We’ve also held gatherings that allow us to help other organizations. Previous events include our benefit for North Shore’s Jewish Community Center and another for the Stoneham Historical Society. If you’d like to consign some of your items with us while also supporting others, we might just have the right affair for you.

Get in Touch With Kaminski Auctions

If you have items that you’d like to put up for auction or if you’re in the market for great antiques that you’re willing to bid on, we are here for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at (978) 972-2223 or send us an email at for any questions or inquiries. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible so you can get the assistance you need.