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Kaminski Auctions to Host Sacks’ Antiques Retirement Sale

  Sacks’ Antiques has been a fixture in downtown Marblehead for over a century. Originally opened in 1899 by Stan’s grandfather under the name Marblehead Antique Exchange, the small shop has overcome many challenges to remain in business. The family kept the shop in business while Stan’s father Abe served as a corporal in WWI. Then, as Marblehead grew, and more shops opened and competition increased. The antique shop sought a way to stand out and changed names to the now-famous “Sack’s Antiques.” The store has always been a family business, earning both local fame and the favor of many famous collectors and museums.

Furniture from the store even appeared in the movies Gone with the Wind and Philadelphia Story. Marblehead visitors and residents alike will surely miss Sacks’ Antiques. Stan’s incredible depth of knowledge and pride for the town has made him and his store venerable staples of Marblehead. The Driftwood, a local restaurant, even named a sandwich after Stan. Forty years later, it’s still on the menu!

Now Stan is saying goodbye to the storefront and is looking to sell the remaining inventory. The pieces in the shop will all be tagged and available for sale during the Marblehead Christmas Walk, December 4th-8th, from 10:00pm to 5:00pm daily. Stop by 38 State Street in Marblehead, MA to take a look and find the perfect unique Christmas gift. Although he is parting with his shop, Stan will continue to buy and sell antiques and can be reached at 617-527-1889 or 617-947-0772.