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The First Parish Church of Newbury Appraisal Event was a Shining Success!

Dear Kaminski Staff,
We had such a successful fundraiser with the help of Mary and Jim.  They were fabulous and the most important part for me was that everyone left happy.  Both appraisers were so good with all the people who showed up for the event.  We would love to have them back again next year if that works out for you.  They also seemed pleased with the turnout.  They appraised 180 items ….amazing.  Thanks again for all your help and for sending such gracious and competent people to represent your company.
We were able to raise a total of  $1,100.00 for our restoration project, and Mary suggested the next time to charge $10 per item and or $25 for three.
Thanks again and God Bless
Jane Merrow
Deacon First Parish Church of Newbury