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Cow replicas milking the spotlight

Ken Yuszkus/Staff photo Two cows sculptures next to the Kaminiski Auction house to be sold in a couple of weeks.

By Arianna MacNeill Staff Writer, Salem Evening News

BEVERLY — No, the Kaminski Auction house on Cabot Street is not becoming a refuge for life-sized farm animal sculptures, but the two resin cows next to it are set to hit the auction block in a few weeks.

The pair of cows were consigned, according to Frank Kaminski, who owns and operates the auction house. They’ll be part of an upcoming auction set for Oct. 14 in Topsfield.

But as the two await their fate, Kaminski has received multiple inquiries about them and people have stopped to take pictures. Dogs even start barking when they and their owners walk past, he said.

“They’re not antiques,” Kaminski said. “They’re like the cows you would see at the Hilltop Steakhouse in Saugus.”

The pair are made of a “very durable resin” and painted, he said. Each will be sold separately with starting bids at $1,000 apiece.

But other than standing outside a restaurant, what can a prospective buyer look forward to in owning one or both of the bovine beasts?

“You know, you could put them on a float in a parade,” Kaminski offered.

The cattle aren’t the only life-sized replicas Kaminski has auctioned off. He recalled selling a steer a couple of years ago.

“I know it’s presently in Wenham,” he said, adding that it was out in front of a farm. “They’re a fun item. They make everyone smile, which is important, especially in today’s tumultuous world that we live in.”

The auction is set to be held on property owned by a doctor and his wife, Kaminski said. Two tents are set to hold a selection of things they want to auction.

“I’ve had so many people that want to buy them (the cows),” Kaminski said. “It’s so funny. I’ve never had anything quite like them that has generated so much interest.”

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