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Colorful and Converted Chairs

I saw this wonderful chair at the North Shore Design Show and it gave me the idea to research how to use beautiful, old mahogany furniture in a modern home:


This is a great updated look for an antique shield back mahogany chair with a wonderful plaid upholstered seat cover !

(source : Eric M. Haydel Design, INC- seen at the North Shore Design Show, 2012)

An easy change is adding a modern fabric to the chair. But now, people are going so far as to strip the chairs and paint the wood. Although it is surprising, the brown furniture market is very depressed right now due to the strength of the mid-century modern aesthetic.


I love this look I found online of a refurbished Hepplewhite chair with a wonderful Jonathan Adler type fabric …such a clean, fresh way to update this centennial chair.

(source: Your Modern Couple Blog,

Painted mahogany chairs with a country pine table, a sideboard painted a different color with a fabulous antique chandelier that dresses up the whole room…what an inspired décor !

(source: Morgan Harrison Home, from

At Kaminski Auctions, we always have an incredible selection of chairs and dining room sets that you can purchase for reasonable prices.

Lot # 7118- Eight oak Chippendale style chairs -June 16th Estate Auction
Lot #7126: 6 Mid 18th Century French Chairs- June 16th Estate Auction

Why not bid on a timeless set of antique mahogany chairs and personalize them for your own home’s décor? I love the idea of painting chairs for your dining room, but you could also do the same for accent furniture in any other room of your home.

Lot # 7234: 3 Mahogany Chairs- June 16th Estate Auction

There was a time many years ago when mahogany chairs would sell for several hundreds of dollars per chair …today with the interest in modern design, you can purchase a complete set of chairs for the same price!