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  • Mahogany Tables Still Work in a Modern Decor

    Your classic mahogany dining table, whether it be Regency or Sheraton style, is out of fashion… just now. There was a time 15-20 years ago when these superbly crafted tables, many with intricate banded inlay around the edge or beautifully swirled inlay patterns in the wood, sold for $1000.00 or upwards a foot. That

  • Your Foyer is a Window into Who you are…

    Your foyer is the entry into your home and your world. A well decorated foyer can speak volumes about who you are, and what you are interested in. It is a reflection of your home, your style,and the welcoming point for friends and guests. It is the first impression you make on anyone, so

  • Downton Abbey Style

    Our Sunday night obsession is back and I, for one, could not be happier. Written by Julian Fellows of Gosford Park fame, the award winning “Downton Abbey” series is addictive. The compelling tale centers upon a British aristocratic family living in a spectacular manor house refrered to only as “Downton.” The story begins in

  • Updating a Traditional Dining Room

    I bought a home on the North Shore of Boston twenty years ago this spring. Everyone, including my husband, thought I was CRAZY !!! It was an old turn-of-the-century Mediterranean style stucco villa, with a spectacular loggia and an old world style ballroom. The house had been abandoned for years and gone into foreclosure.

  • RH The New Restoration Hardware- A Comparison

    The new Restoration Hardware store on Newbury street opened in the month of March with great fanfare. It was accompanied with what seemed like the largest catalog mailing in history, that left us wondering “how did they afford to mail that”. Four books arrived to most Massachusetts zip codes, shrink wrapped in plastic, titled

  • Nantucket Goes Modern

    I was fortunate to spend a lot of time on Nantucket this summer. Nantucket is an island 30 miles out to sea,south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It is known for its beautiful beaches, grey shingle houses covered in roses, it’s historic whaling tradition and hand woven “Nantucket” baskets. There is a Historic District Commission

  • Looking back on a great year for Kaminski Auctions!

    2013 was a banner year for Kaminski Auctions. We are very proud to have been the auctioneers of the Oprah Winfrey Collection in Santa Barbara, California on November 2nd 2013. The idea of an auction of the Oprah Winfrey collection started in March 2013 when Oprah revealed she was planning a top to bottom

  • Auction Finds Create the “Look” of the Top Design Magazines !

    I started writing this blog to showcase how to decorate with antiques in a modern decor. There are people that can look at a jumble of stuff at an estate sale and see how each and every piece can translate into a look for their home that you see everyday in the top design

  • Favorite Things of 2014

    Sorry for the long hiatus on writing this blog. I seem to get bogged down with writing press releases, pre and post every auction, social media and a million other things that have to happen each month. My New Year’s resolution is to write, write, write, at least one post every single month if

  • Collecting Wedgwood !

    Wedgwood pottery is a ceramic ware originally made by the English potter Josiah Wedgwood in 1759. A new earthenware form he created in 1765 caught the eye of the British Queen consort at the time, Charlotte of Meckleburg-Streitz and she allowed him to call it “Queen’s Ware“. The pottery became wildly popular across Europe